About Us / Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 

Who we are is a space for transformation to take place in the mind body and spirit

To Create a relaxing, safe and clean environment where our clients may come to cleanse and rejuvenate

We provide world class colonics using state of the art FDA approved medical grade devices

Our team is dedicated to supporting you in your commitment to Optimum Health

We live what we teach and we teach what we live


About Us

The body is an amazing machine. When given the proper environment the body is designed to heal itself. We are dedicated to helping create that environment with well-trained, professional and Certified Colon Hydrotherapists Sheryll Chavarria and Samantha Soto.

Our Staff


Sheryll Chavarria, Owner and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist since 2006, is a Member of I-Act (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) and studied Colon Hydrotherapy at Saint John’s Academy and Botanicals in Bowie, Maryland. She is also a Certified Health Educator in the natural and organic field, a Vegan Raw Food Chef, the original owner of “Raw Can Roll Cafe” and Pure Food and Body Wellness Center in Philadelphia, PA. Sheryll has been practicing these natural methods with commitment and passion for over 30 years.   Sheryll’s philosophy: “The body is a powerful self healing machine given the right ingredients. Heal the colon, heal the gut and you’re on your way! Sheryll also speaks Spanish. “Our staff has over 28 years of combined experience!



Tina Landrum ALSP, TCT is the founder/owner of the New Path Energy Center. She is a Spiritual Practitioner/Counselor, licensed through Agape University in Culver City, CA, and a Trans-Crystal Therapist, trained at Matrix University in Los Angeles.

As an Agape Spiritual Practitioner Tina counsels her clients toward the awareness and embodiment of spiritual principles in their everyday lives.
In her TCT practice she utilizes Reiki and the electro-magnetic fields in crystals to awaken and accelerate the natural healing/harmonizing abilities inherent in every person. With Light Body Crystal Elixirs and Crystals of Light wands, Tina clears and aligns subtle energy bodies and integrates new meridian systems (energy pathways) in cooperation with each client’s inner healing abilities.

Her Light Body Crystal Elixirs are a line of energy medicine products in spray form which activate chakras (energy centers), harmonize various organs and systems and reminds the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies how to return to their harmonized “home” frequency. This frequency cultivates balanced wellness and may assist one in moving through current issues or challenges in a state of greater peace, with more compassion and grace.

And she is the most wonderful receptionist we’ve ever been blessed with. If you are interested in Tina’s beautiful handmade jewelry, elixirs or any of her other specialties just click on the link…



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