What to Expect

For Your First Session

Upon arriving to your first Colon Hydrotherapy session, the Colon Hydrotherapist will ask you to complete a client health questionnaire. Arrive ten minutes early so that sufficient time is allowed to complete the questionnaire. A Certified Colon Hydrotherapist will escort you to a private Colon Hydrotherapy room. Expect the first session to last approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Every session thereafter, will be scheduled for a one-hour time slot; water intake is approx. 45 minutes, so please be on time.

The Certified Colon Hydrotherapy will then explain how to position yourself onto the colonic table, and answer any questions before the session. The therapist will then leave the room, so that you may privately undress from the waist down. At that point, position yourself and the form-fitted table and gently insert the lubricated, sterile, disposable, LIBBE rectal tube about an inch and a half only. Cover yourself with the provided large, hospital grade blanket.

When ready, the therapist will re-enter the room to get you started and instruct, monitor, and be available to assist, as needed, during the session.
As the session begins, purified (ultra violet light and charcoal filter), temperature-controlled water drips slowly through the rectal tube, and into your colon. When feeling the need to release the water, let it flow out and down the drain into the base of the LIBBE, passing through a four-inch clear viewing tube, which is connected to the sewer system. The sensation of releasing the water will occur many times throughout the session. An odor exhaust system, built into the device, insures that the private room remains odorless. With permission, we include light abdominal massage, which is included with the service.

At the end of the session, there is no need for cleanup by the client. After each session, the unit is cleaned and sterilized, to insure your safety. All of the equipment used during the Colon Hydrotherapy session are FDA approved.