Sonic Vibration Therapy

Sonic whole body vibration therapy 

Sonic vibration therapy is the “Science of Sound” that uses patented sonic vibration technology based on decades of research and development.  It consists of a sonic [sound] vibrating platform that the user stands on doing nothing but listening to their favorite music.  The sonic vibration stimulates bones, muscles, blood and lymph vessels and cells in a manner that promotes their rapid development and circulation.  Studies have shown that whole body vibration exercise (WBV) substantially improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility.  By stimulating the body’s natural “stretch reflex’, which causes a spontaneous muscle contraction, your muscles will instinctively stretch and contract as the body is designed to do.  It stimulates fast twitch muscle fiber to produce powerful muscles as well as improves the function of slow twitch muscle fiber to enhance the endurance of muscle performance...NATURAL PROFOUND MOVEMENT WITHOUT EFFORT!

The Sonic accelerates blood and lymphatic circulation to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body which is critical in an exercise programs as well as strengthening collagen and stimulating muscle fiber to ultimately help in the fight against cellulite.  WBV exercise prompts intestinal movement and improves the overall function of the intestinal tract...a wonderful addition to use before a lymphatic or colonic treatment!  WBV also reduces excessive body fat by increasing the vibrational recruitment of the body fat during exercise and maintains the elasticity of the skin by enhancing the function of the connective tissues and the bodies circulatory system.  Sonic exercise can help the elderly achieve a healthy and active lifestyle by improving blood circulation, digestion and flexibility.  All these helps to promote a more active lifestyle.

Of the more than 70 companies manufacturing vibrational exercise platforms utilizing rotary motors which create mechanical abrasion and noise, only Sonic Life creates a natural vertical vibration using sound frequency-based technology by way of an exclusive patent called “Sonic Whole Body Vibration” utilizing magnetic voice coils.  The body’s physiological reaction to sound frequencies as opposed to mechanical vibration can be likened to your physical and energetic response to either great seats at the symphony or holding onto a jackhammer.  The sonic frequencies of the symphony heighten your senses and relax your body, filling you with positive energy.  From a scientific standpoint, each Sine Wave frequency creating Sound has a curve at the end of the frequency creating tonal transitions that are smooth and therefore natural.  This creates soothing, healing movements of energy throughout the body.  In contrast, holding onto a jackhammer causes mechanical frequencies are very abrupt, jarring and stressful to the body and can cause increasing negative hormonal stress responses, potentially causing harm.   Scientific research categorizes these symptoms under the term, “Mechanical Abrasion”.   

The difference is simple and the benefits are easy to feel.  It takes only 10 minutes!